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- Email received April 2011and permission provided to use exact wording as appears below -

Morning Edward

Where do I begin?

Thank you just doesn't seem appropriate.

As a regular & heavy-ish smoker, and being a mother of 3 young children, I had concluded that I was ready to quit smoking once and for all. I was
convinced I was ready to quit for ages and I had tried every nicotine replacement remedy known to the market... hypnotherapy appeared to be my last resort.

I had tried cold turkey, patches, gum and prescription medication, to name a few.

A friend recommended I see you.

I can't thank my friend enough either.

I attended my first consultation with you early February 2011 and was definitely uncertain on what to expect hence I arrived with an open-mind.

After our first session, I wasn't "cured" and was concerned that hypnotherapy may have failed. However I persevered in attending my 2nd (and what would be my final) session with you.

All I can now say is Oh My Gosh!! It's been 10 weeks and 5 days since my last cigarette.

I haven't experienced cravings, compensated smoking for eating nor even thought of smoking again - it's as if I've never smoked before in my life and haven't had an interest to do so. I can still be sociable with my old, smoking friends without the urge of wanting a cigarette.

Since visiting you and becoming the non-smoker I desperately wanted to be, I've told anyone and everyone who would listen about my experience. Some have even been to see you also - and not just for smoking.

As I said earlier; Thank you just doesn't seem appropriate (PS During our 2nd session you also incorporated some confidence for a job
interview; the job I'd been trying to get for 3 1/2 years - I GOT IT!!) - You’ve changed my life, you've changed my family’s life.

My husband is now ready to attend some sessions with you for the same reason (I will contact you during the coming week to discuss) and if hypnotherapy can assist my husband, then I'll be a firm believer that it can make anyone a non-smoker.

What more to say?! Thank You!


Erin Stevenson

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- Email received in May 2011 and permission granted to use exact wording as appears below -

"I contacted Edward a few years ago to trial Hypnotherapy. I had been to traditional counselling services before but I felt I really needed to somehow change my thought patterns to help break my very negative ways I thought of myself after experiencing emotional abuse from a dysfunctional relationship.

I meet with Edward and instantly felt at ease, as we went through the motions of starting Hypnotherapy I felt very comfortable telling him some
very traumatic experiences and he was always comforting and reassuring.

After a few sessions, my thought patterns changed from negative to being much more positive and my confidence grew and today I am different person in the way I handle difficult situations, this I attribute to my Hypnotherapy sessions with Edward, I was shown techniques which I can use to calm myself when I am stressed and one of my goals was to also change from being a non-confrontational person who never stood up for herself to being an assertive person. Many thanks Edward"

Jenny – Penrith

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Hi  Edward Zwickl

This is a testimonial regarding your hypnotherapy sessions that I have recently had with you and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending
your treatment for myself. Prior to my attending your sessions I have encountered incredible pain from my fusion back surgery plus both hip replacements and left shoulder replacement. I have had many pain prescriptions all of which I had most severe repercussions; plus using pain patches. I literally decided not to continue with these prescriptions and my local doctor prescribed Valium tablets which I found I could manage my pain by taking 1 tablet each morning. However I realised this was only a temporary measure so I asked my doctor for his thoughts regarding hypnotherapy to which he advised that I had nothing to lose and perhaps everything to gain.

I had my second session with you last night which was a recorded session and I am absolutely so impressed with my reactions. Today I listened to this recording and the instant relief that I felt was truly amazing. You have my utmost gratitude and I can only hope that any person who may currently be experiencing chronic pain that they try this hypnotherapy - they would certainly have nothing to lose but certainly everything to gain.

Further I have had no experience with hypnotherapy in the past and I truly am amazed and totally inspired with the effect this has had on me

I look forward to my next session with you.

With all my grateful thanks   

Mrs Gail  Leenders

Winmalee  NSW   2777

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